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Hi, I'm ghoulstorybro and this is my stupid / fandom sideblog.

I don't really tag much on this blog and don't expect anyone to follow it because it's just a bunch of stuff that I find funny or interesting and I can't be bothered.
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gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun is a treasure,

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*leans in for the kiss but just goes for my own bicep instead*

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So my professor was asking questions.
Professor: Who plans on getting married within the next 5-10 years?
Like 3 people: *raises hand*
Professor: Who plans on never getting married?
Me: *raises hand*
Professor: *points me out* why?
Me: It's illegal.
Professor: touche.
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This guy’s vines give me life

Thomas Sanders is a gift to this world

I have a theory on Thomas Sanders that he can control minds and rather than using this gift for evil, he uses it to make funny vines. Like, a classroom full of kids? mind control. The teacher of the class? mind control. Cop pulls him over? you better believe that dude is gonna sing Don’t Stop Believing with him, mind control. 

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it is time.

soon the era of pumpkin will fall and the northern winds whisper

peppermint everything

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